Atypical antibody screen

This is an important test to help detect antibodies against RBCs.

Venous blood
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4 days turnaround



About Atypical antibody screen

What is an atypical antibody screen?

Antibodies are proteins typically produced by the immune system to target and protect against harmful entities. In rare cases, antibodies might be produced against red blood cells (RBCs) if the body is exposed to RBCs from another person after a transfusion or during pregnancy. These antibodies are produced during pregnancy if the baby’s RBCs have characteristics of their father’s which the mother does not recognise as her own. Antibodies targeting RBCs may be harmful to a developing baby although the antibodies are not usually produced before a mother gives birth. It is more common for antibodies against RBCs to be problematic for a second pregnancy.  

Why take this test?

This is a compatibility test which detects antibodies against RBCs and is typically used prior to transfusion or during pregnancy.


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