Lead exposure profile

This is an important test that is useful to monitor lead exposure if you think you have been exposed.

Venous blood
3 tests included
5 days turnaround



About Lead exposure profile

What is lead exposure?

Lead is a heavy metal found in many different materials. Since the discovery that lead is toxic to humans, lead has been removed from many common items but can still be found in old items such as lead paint and some items where it is essential. Lead exposure usually comes from inhaling or ingesting trace amounts of lead, which puts young children particularly at risk as they tend to put items in their mouths. Lead poisoning presents with symptoms including headaches, constipation, abdominal pain, irritability, memory loss, tingling of the extremities and in some cases infertility.

Why take the test?

This test measures the amount of lead in the blood and factors affected by lead poisoning; haemoglobin levels and zinc protoporphyrin. It is useful to monitor lead exposure if you think you have been exposed to sources of the metal.


What's tested

Trace Metals

How it works



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Follow our simple instructions to take your sample and post back the enclosed prepaid envelope to our accredited lab for processing. We also offer home or workplace visits by a qualified nurse. For COVID-19 Fit to Fly tests you must attend one of our partner clinics for our trained collection officers to take your sample. You will then have the results emailed to you.



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