Lead (blood)

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About Lead (blood)

Change me!!!Lead is a heavy metal found naturally, as well as in many common household products, including ceramic toothbrushes, ceramic tiles in older bathrooms and vintage fashion jewelry. It can be breathed in, perhaps through lead dust, or ingested through food and drink. No household or workplace is 100% lead-free; there are tiny quantities everywhere. However, if you think you've been exposed to more levels than most, it's vital you're tested frequently as lead can build up in your body over a long period of time. This test identifies high levels of lead, which can lead to damage of the brain, kidneys, nerves and blood cells. There are various early symptoms of lead poisoning, including tiredness, headaches, muscle and joint pain, stomach aches and cramps, and irritability.

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Trace Metals

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Follow our simple instructions to take your sample and post back the enclosed prepaid envelope to our accredited lab for processing. We also offer home or workplace visits by a qualified nurse. For COVID-19 Fit to Fly tests you must attend one of our partner clinics for our trained collection officers to take your sample. You will then have the results emailed to you.



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