This is an important test that measures the amount of lactate in the blood.

Venous blood
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2 days turnaround



About Lactate

What is lactate?

Lactate or lactic acid is primarily produced by muscles as a product of anaerobic energy production. It is the cause of muscle burn and aches during and after intense exercise, when aerobic energy production is not fast enough to supply the muscles. In healthy individuals, lactate is cleared during recovery after exercise.

In some individuals, this pathway does not function correctly leading to lactic acidosis. Another reason for lactic acidosis can be inhibited availability of oxygen (hypoxia), meaning that the anaerobic energy production pathway is always producing lactate because the aerobic pathway has no oxygen as fuel. Symptoms of lactic acidosis can include muscle weakness, vomiting, sweating, rapid breathing and in some cases a comatose state.

Why take the test?

This test measures the amount of lactate in the blood. It is typically used to diagnose hypoxia or failure to remove lactate from the blood.


What's tested

Lactic Acid

How it works



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