Iron overload check

This is an important test that measures the level of iron, ferritin, transferrin saturation and TIBC.

Venous blood
5 tests included
5 days turnaround



About Iron overload check

What is an iron deficiency check?

Iron is an important component of haemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells (RBCs) that carries oxygen in the blood. It is important to have the right amount of haemoglobin and RBCs, as well as iron and vitamins for RBC production and to supply the body with enough oxygen.

Iron is stored and transported by the proteins ferritin and transferrin. The total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) is the amount of free transferrin which can transport iron in the blood. The levels of ferritin, transferrin and the TIBC are indicators of the body’s iron stores. High levels of iron or transferrin saturation may indicate iron overload.

Haemochromatosis is an inherited condition which causes the body to store too much iron, termed an iron overload. It is caused by a faulty gene and leads to a build-up of iron over time which the body is unable to get rid of. This can cause damage to the liver, heart, pancreas and other organs. Symptoms of haemochromatosis include fatigue, weight loss, joint pain and in women it can cause irregular or absent periods.

Why take the test?

This test measures the levels of iron, ferritin, transferrin saturation and TIBC. It also looks for the genetic change associated with haemochromatosis and can be used to help diagnose iron overload.


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