HIV Blood Test

This is an important test that helps diagnose infection with HIV and determine whether the infection is recent or old.

Finger-prick blood
4 tests included
2 days turnaround



About HIV Blood Test

What is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that integrates itself into the DNA of certain immune cells. As HIV integrates into the genome of its host, there is currently no way to cure an infected individual of HIV infection. If left untreated HIV infection leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), a condition characterised by progressive failure of the immune system.

This failure of the immune system means that mild infections can be life-threatening, and cancers are able to advance without checks from the body. HIV is spread from person to person via particular bodily fluids. These include semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk and blood.

Transmission most commonly occurs through sharing needles or unprotected sexual activity. Infection with HIV does not immediately result in AIDS. Modern antiviral agents are effective at limiting the activity of the virus and many HIV positive individuals can live normal lives with these medications.

Why take the test?

This test screens for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and antibodies produced in response to HIV in the blood. It is used to diagnose infection with HIV and determine whether the infection is recent or historic. Positive tests are repeated to confirm the diagnosis.


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Just order a test online and get your kit delivered right to your door unless you are ordering a COVID-19 Fit to Fly test where you will be given appointment options to attend our clinics across the United Kingdom for a nose and throat swab PCR test at the checkout stage.



Take your test and post

Follow our simple instructions to take your sample and post back the enclosed prepaid envelope to our accredited lab for processing. We also offer home or workplace visits by a qualified nurse. For COVID-19 Fit to Fly tests you must attend one of our partner clinics for our trained collection officers to take your sample. You will then have the results emailed to you.



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