Gastric parietal autoantibodies

This is an important test used to aid in diagnosis of pernicious anaemia.

Venous blood
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About Gastric parietal autoantibodies

What are anti-gastric parietal autoantibodies?

Anti-gastric parietal autoantibodies are antibodies produced by the immune system that target the parietal cells in the stomach. Parietal cells are specialised cells which secrete stomach acid and intrinsic factor, which is important for vitamin B12 absorption. Antibodies are proteins typically produced by the immune system to target and protect against harmful entities. In some cases, the immune system can malfunction, producing autoantibodies which target and attack the body’s own cells. Disorders caused by this process are called autoimmune diseases. Conditions associated with the presence of anti-gastric parietal autoantibodies include pernicious anaemia and autoimmune gastritis.

Why take the test?

This test screens for the presence of anti-gastric parietal autoantibodies in the blood. It is typically used to aid in diagnosis of pernicious anaemia.


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